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Looking for a unique and fun team building or group event?  Spy Hunt is a perfect choice! 

 Spy Hunt is a unique experience.  The race has elements of a scavenger hunt since teams need to find clues hidden around the race area. It has escape room elements since there are several puzzles that need to be solved in order to get the final clue decoded,  and it has murder mystery elements since there is interaction with actors throughout the race.

Your group will be divided into teams of 2-4 agents, and each team will receive a dossier full of clues and tools of the trade. Each race is scheduled for 3 hours and is held outdoors at public venues. 

Races can be modified to fit your needs and, with enough lead time, races can be built for your group.  The race encourages teams to work together on problem solving, communication, and strategy and are just plain fun!

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A great team bonding event!

A great team bonding event!


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